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Instrument Flying Holds

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Cessna 172/R


Instrument Flying Holds

  • Holding Procedures
    • Holding Clearances
    • VOR Holding
    • NDB Holding
  • DME Arcs
Here is a sample animation that explains how to enter a hold using a direct entry. There are tons of other animations just like this one in our members area!

The holding procedures section describes the various components of the holding clearance and explains the differences between a full clearance and an abbreviated clearance.

The holding pattern itself is depicted with each part being explained. Following the explanation of the pattern, the three types of holding pattern entries are described. All three of the entries, direct, parallel and teardrop are described by using animations of an aircraft with the associated heading indicator and navigation display showing their individual displays as the aircraft flies around the holding pattern.

You get to watch the heading indicator and navigation display show the position of the aircraft as it moves around the holding pattern. Its a great way to gain spacial orientation around the holding pattern.

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